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Website Athena40 GC 2022

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Website Athena40 GC 2022
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The 4th Athena40 Global Conversation

Women as Catalysts
for Resilience, Diversity and Change

Engaging high-impact women from around the world and marking

International Women’s Day 2022


March 8, 2022 at 13.30 GMT


We are delighted to announce the 4th Athena40 Global Conversation to take place on March 8 2022 at 13.30. The theme this year will focus on ‘Women as Catalysts for Resilience, Diversity and Change’.

Athena40 will connect again live women leaders from the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa to discuss how women’s resilience, diversity of thought and adaptability can lead to effective social solutions and have a major positive effect on our suffering societies.


Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, women in corporate positions, but also as entrepreneurs, freelancers or even on a personal level, are even more burned out than they were last year—and increasingly more so than men. Despite this, women leaders are stepping up to support employee well-being and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, but that work is not getting recognized.

Three in four working mothers report discrimination in the workplace; 54,000 a year lose their jobs as a result of having a baby; and, perhaps more surprisingly, periods spent in part-time work lead to nearly no pay progression.

Women the world over must take things in their hands to drive change but also build resilience, nurture perseverance, and promote inclusion. 

Launched by the London-based non-profit Global Thinkers Forum, Athena40 is a platform connecting and recognising women from around the world. In 2018 at UNESCO in Paris launched the first ever global list of some of the world’s most forward-thinking women nominated by the public and voted by a panel of 58 independent, international judges.

Athena40 has been created as a platform to democratise recognition for women and bring to the spotlight grassroots women and women making an impact.

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Among the speakers over the previous years have been award-winning author, film director and LGBTQ rights activist Shamim Sharif, leading Economist and author of ‘Women vs. Capitalism’, Vicky Pryce, Rwanda’s High Commissioner, Yamina Karitanyi, BBC World presenter Tim Willcox, Athena40 Founder/Journalist Elizabeth Filippouli, MPs, Ambassadors and civil society leaders.

They all connected live from London to other panels in Amman, Beirut, Istanbul, Karachi, Athens, Joburg and Irvine, California to get a sense of what challenges women need to overcome across different societies and cultures, but also to record calls to action.

Invited Speakers

* More speakers to be announced over the next weeks.
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