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Athena40 Launch Event in London May 2018
'Women the Way to the Top' - British Library


I am pleased to see that there are both men and women in this audience, because it is going to take all of us.”

Patricia Scotland QC

Secretary General, Commonwealth


"Activism has an urgency, it is not an abstract question.”

Elif Shafak

Novelist, Activist

"I am one of those that for decades have been fighting to recognise the intelligence of women."

Professor Saskia Sassen

Columbia University

"Athena40 is a movement. It is a vision about mobilising everyone to take action and fight for the rights of women and girls worldwide."
Elizabeth H. Filippouli

Founder Athena40 & Global Thinkers Forum

On May 30, 2018 in London at the launch of 'Athena40' as a platform to promote women's empowerment we agreed on these priorities:

Now is the time for more women to pursue leading positions.

Every country in the world must progress the status of its women citizens.

Women, men and all genders should join forces and act together in order to make positive change happen.

We strive to change a global economic model that obstructs women’s economic integration.

Accountability and political involvement should be nurtured in the minds of the new generation.

Let's Debate. Discuss. Develop.

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Founding Members Athena40

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