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Time to Celebrate
Global Women of Vision and Purpose

April 23, 2021 at 3pm BST- Be there!


Hello dear Friends!
The past year has been a period when pretty much everything in our lives was defined by a virus. It is often in periods of crisis that we remember how vulnerable and interdependent we are. This time we also discovered the importance of kindness and the many forms it can take: being kind as in being caring, comforting, supportive. But also: being kind as in finding solutions, building confidence, nurturing resilience.

The Athena40 Women who have made it to this role models list, have all selected to lead from a place of kindness as a practice. Their purpose-driven lives are guided by values, which are embedded into their leadership style.

Athena40 is a list of women to whom we look up to with admiration. 

It is with immense pride and honour that we are presenting them to you on April 23, 2021 at 3pm BST!

A huge thank you to our Board and the Judges Committee who generously dedicated their time to review 346 profiles!

Our profound appreciation to our Athena40 Sponsors and Partners whose support enables us to deliver all Athena40 programmes!
See you soon, in person!

Elizabeth Filippouli
Founder & CEO, Athena40

Athena40 celebrates some of the world's most forward thinking women.
In 2019 we received 346 nominations from around the world, for women who create positive change in their industries or countries.
A panel of 58 independent, international judges shortlisted 120 powerhouses.
On April 23, 2021 we are announcing the 40 most influential ones, based on the number of votes they received.
Congratulations to All!

Watch the ceremony on YouTube at 3pm BST on April 23, 2021!

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