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A family of initiatives promoting women's empowerment

Inspirational. Timely. Forward-thinking. Inclusive. Collaborative. Edgy.
These are the characteristics of the Athena40 women. The inspiration behind Athena40 comes from the innovative and pioneering women we meet, or we’d want to meet.

In March 2019 we launched the first ‘Athena40-Global Conversation’ in order to connect women from around the world in a synchronous conversation to help them discuss trends, change and also amplify their messaging internationally.
The Athena40 panels are hosted in various cities around the world and go beyond traditional events to create impactful conversations and women-focused opportunities.


We connect women with knowledge, inspiration, access to international networks and aim to impact policy-making. We join forces with organisations who actively want to contribute towards Gender Equality and women’s advancement. We are shining a spotlight on new data and stories worth knowing about.

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