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Stella Kasdagli

Co-Founder, Women On Top (WoT)

Stella Kasdagli is a journalist, writer and translator and she came up with the idea for WoT in 2010.

She studied French literature in Athens and Media Theory in London and worked for several years as editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, collaborating with other Greek and English printed publications and sites. She is now working as a translator and, through Women On Top, she plans and implements actions to empower women and promote gender equality at the workplace.

She is also the co-founder of the Mentorkids mentoring network for teens and of the online reading club Bookworm. Her books, "", "I Just Wanted To Fit In", as well as the series of Princess Athena, are published by Patakis publications. She has two daughters and keeps growing up alongside them in Athens, Greece.

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