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Sarah Mintey MBE.png

Sarah Mintey MBE

CEO, Developing Experts

Sarah Mintey a former headteacher and charity CEO founded Developing Experts in October 2015 with the goal to create a fit-for-purpose curriculum for schools. The company has created a science curriculum for children ages 4-14 which is delivered through sequenced lessons mapped against the National Curriculum in biology, chemistry, and physics. The innovative approach to learning has already been road-tested and voted best EdTech product in Europe, winning Tech Nation’s Rising Stars earlier in 2019 and a place on Google for Startups Immersion program 2020. Sarah recently secured a government contract to supply state schools in China and an InnovateUK grant for their work with industry to develop an AI reporting dashboard that builds and tracks STEM’s future talent pipeline to improve the proportion of women and BAME engineers in the energy sector. The company is now offering its solution to all STEM-related industries.  

Developing Experts provides industry with a meaningful way to showcase their sector in the classroom. It signposts relevant links between the curriculum, industry, and training providers from a variety of STEM-related sectors. The company's solution saves teachers’ time, upskills their knowledge, raises standards, and has the potential to attract more young people into STEM- related jobs. It addresses the sector’s needs and skills shortage by enabling teachers, parents, and children to learn about industries through the curriculum.


In April 2020 Developing Experts won the contract to build the rail sectors ‘Route into Rail’ platform which partners with the company to build the future talent pipeline for the rail sector. In September 2020, Sarah was awarded an MBE for her services to tech and education after making the company's platform free to 3500 schools in the UK during the pandemic.

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