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Sarah Ho

CEO & Founder, SARAH HO

Sarah Ho Jewellery has made significant strides in sustainability, with roughly 70% of the jewellery featuring antique sourced gemstones, the ambitious aim is to reach 100% by 2030, pledging a commitment to a fully circular approach. This vision underscores a dedication to responsible sourcing, recycling, and carbon neutrality, shaping the future of fine jewellery with ethics and sustainability at its core. Moreover, the brand exemplifies sustainability not only in its products but also in its everyday operations. Recently, they revamped their showroom in collaboration with a British seamstress, repurposing materials and incorporating colourful crystals sourced from antique fairs into furniture and jewellery displays. Furthermore, the brand extends its sustainability practices through its courier partners, ensuring that every aspect of its business aligns with its commitment to environmental stewardship.

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