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Sanna Marin

Prime Minister of Finland

Sanna Mirella Marin is a Finnish politician who is serving as the Prime Minister of Finland since 10 December 2019. A Social Democrat, she has been a member of the Parliament of Finland since 2015 and was the Minister of Transport and Communications between 6 June 2019 and 10 December 2019.

Finland’s transportation minister Sanna Marin was selected by her Social Democratic party to become the country’s youngest prime minister ever, taking over after the resignation of Antti Rinne. The 34-year-old Marin, whose party is the largest in a five-member governing coalition, will be the world’s youngest serving prime minister. Finland has always been a pioneer in political gender equality, the first country in Europe to give women the vote in 1906, and the first in the world to allow them to stand as candidates in elections that same year. Since the start of this century it has had two female prime ministers – though both served only brief terms – and a widely liked female president who served for 12 years.

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