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Reem AlSmeirat_photo_edited.jpg

Reem AlSmeirat

Founder & Design Director,
Concepts 4 Automotive Design (C A D) - 
Founder, WOMOTIVE & Founder, Phoenix

Reem AlSmeirat, first Female car designer in the Middle East and a Pioneer in transportation design in the MENA region.


Reem is best known for her conceptual e-city car design Phoenix 2014, that was recognized on a national scale and was nominated top finalist innovative design at the Arab Innovation Network 2015. In 2021 Reem took on a leap of faith by starting her startup Concepts 4 Automotive Design -C A D- a transportation design studio that offers urban mobility solutions and car/bike body kit customization and fabrication.

C A D has a CSR mission WOMOTIVE an initiative that supports women in the automotive sector by providing working and training opportunities which quickly scaled to become a training and service provider center in automotive detailing powered and operated by women under the name of PHOENIX; Today C A D is seen as one of the 20 Innovators to watch in the MENA region and South Africa according to Arabian Gulf Business Insight 2022.


“It’s about time that we put Automotive Design and women entrepreneurs under the spot light, it’s time to start the conversation about our future mobility and how we can lead a better technology for a better future.” AlSmeirat said.

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