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Dr Radha Basu

Founder, iMerit

Radha Basu is founder and CEO of iMerit, a technology-enabled, data services company that works with leading artificial intelligence companies to train and implement machine learning algorithms. In seven short years, Ms. Basu has grown iMerit into a data-enrichment powerhouse of 3,000 full-time employees across the United States, India and Bhutan.


With degrees in computer science, electronics and communications, Ms. Basu is a thought leader in Computer Vision and Content Services, specific to a great many fields including autonomous vehicles and aerial and medical imagery analysis. Earlier in her career, Ms. Basu was the Chairwoman & Ceo at SupportSoft, which she led through initial and secondary public offerings. Prior to that, Ms. Basu spent 20 years at Hewlett Packard in various positions across Europe, Asia and North America. Ms. Basu grew HP’s electronic software division into a $1.2 billion business and launched HP in India.

In 2012, she founded iMerit as a result of her belief in the potential of youth, and young females in particular, to be an integral force in powering transformative technologies in the digital economy. Ms. Basu is widely recognized as a leading technology entrepreneur and mentor, a pioneer in the software business, and a passionate educator. She has received numerous awards including the UN Women-ITU Gender-Equality Mainstreaming Technology Award. Ms. Basu has been featured on the BBC, and in Forbes, Fortune and many international publications. In 2018, she received the Global Thinkers Forum Award for Excellence in Youth Development.  

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