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Preeti Patel

Head of Education, St Nicholas Montessori Training Ltd

As Head of Education at MCI, Preeti draws upon her extensive experience at a practitioner to support and develop students and their learning experiences across a wide portfolio of Montessori training and recognised qualifications.


Familiar with the demands of discipline specialism provision and the involved delivery of regulated qualifications, Preeti oversees academic and professional support staff to ensure that both trainees and their qualifications are well prepared to enhance the professional sector upon graduation. Of particular focus for Preeti is the integration and value placed upon the integral experiences developed onsite through work practice and placements opportunities within training for student and new teachers and educators entering the sector.

After fifteen years practice in a Montessori day-care nursery as a qualified Early Years Educator and Nursery Manager, mentoring and supporting staff teams and individual Early Years practitioners is a passion for Preeti; having held the position of lead Academic Placement Tutor for Diploma and Degree level programmes.

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