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Parisa Wright

Founder, Greener & Cleaner

Founded and grew Greener & Cleaner from a community group to a CIC to a charity that has empowered thousands of people with knowledge, skills and confidence and true community connection, but also empowered many councils, charities and community groups with the learnings from their community engagement work and the Community Hub pilot for the UK. Parisa is the founder of inclusive sustainability charity for South East London and beyond, Greener & Cleaner. She is also a lawyer, mother of 2 and human rights advocate. She left her legal career of 20 years to focus on the work of Greener & Cleaner because she is passionate about the power of community collaboration and the importance of questioning the dangerous myths and stereotypes stalling broader engagement with climate and sustainability. Greener & Cleaner is working hard to normalise and popularise sustainable living for all groups and demographics in South East London.

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