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Paola Diana

Founder & CEO, Artemide Recruitment,
Serial Entrepreneur & Author

Paola Diana is a British/Italian entrepreneur, author and podcast host, living in London. Paola’s bestselling book ‘Saving the World. Women: the XXI’s Century Factor for Change’ – published by Quartet Books – combines the theories of sociology and history to show us how misogyny permeates society and where it comes from. Paola is a lauded gender critical, women’s rights activist. She achieved a BA in Political Science and an MA in Institutional Relations from the University of Bologna, Italy, before probing into the world of Italian politics. Since the day that she embarked on a career directing the Think Tank in support of former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi’s political campaign, Paola has never been one to adhere to gender stereotypes – challenging the ideologies of male supremacists at every opportunity.

Paola is the Founder & CEO of Artemide Recruitment, a leading global recruitment firm in the private and corporate support staff sector. Paola has also proven herself to be an extremely multifaceted success story, she is now executive producer and host of the highly inspiring YouTube show and Spotify/Apple Podcast: 'Unleashed. The Game Changers'.

Paola is a Governor of Downe House, one of the UK's leading girls' boarding schools, and she sits on the Advisory Board of Global Thinkers Forum, one of the world’s leading networks and proponents of Social Impact investing with its award-winning programmes for mentoring women and young people who are making a difference in their communities. Paola also sits in the council of the 2022/23 Sheriff of The City of London, as the advisor for women’s rights.

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