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Conversations with Leading Women

Conversations with Leading Women
An Athena40 podcast series in partnership with NAMA

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Athena40 - Bouncing Back

How are we going to bounce back from a global crisis that has hit hard our economies, societies, systems and psychologies?
Technology, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy will all play a key part in rebuilding our systems and economies.

In this podcast Elizabeth H. Filippouli, hosts pioneering professionals who are at their forefront of their industries.

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Global Thinkers Forum in Conversations with Changemakers

The CoVid-19 crisis has turned the world on its head. We are going through a major crisis, that challenges the status quo on every level.

Profound change is happening and all of us will need to adjust to a new reality that is already dawning.

Global Thinkers Forum is hosting a series of conversations with decision makers and thought leaders from around the world.

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5' with Andrew MacLeod on Navigating the New Normal

How do we handle the various challenges thrown towards us during the CoVid-19 crisis?
Resilience, adaptation, critical thinking and calmness will get us through this difficult period.

Professor Andrew MacLeod, expert on global risk, provides a 5' analysis on how to thrive against the odds. Andrew is a recognised global leader, negotiator and communicator in the business, diplomatic and humanitarian field. He has a track record of leading organisations through challenge, crisis and change.

Global Thinkers Forum is an international network of thought leaders and experts united by the vision to promote accountability in leadership.

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Weekly CoVid-19 Overview with Stephen Cole

News veteran international broadcaster Stephen Cole summarizes the most important weekly developments around CoVid-19.

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