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Nurdeniz Tuncer

Owner, Law firm of Nurdeniz Tuncer

After graduating from the Law Faculty at Istanbul University in 2001, Nurdeniz started a law office which focused on business and contract law. Given this experience, she has devoted an increasing amount of her time and energy to disability rights in Turkey.

Working to adequately train and provide guide dogs through the Guide Dog Association is a major part of these efforts. In her role as President of this Association, she also works to advance the legal status and standard of living for the visually impaired in this country, providing them with employment and improved education opportunities.


Her own visual impairment began at 10 years old, which makes this mission of empowering all members of the community personal to her. Nurdeniz is also a member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey and has graduated from Common Purpose Leadership Programme. In 2017, the Sabanci Foundation selected her as a Change Maker.

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