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Nay El Rahi

Nay El Rahi

Co-founder, HarassTracker

Nay is a feminist researcher, writer, and co-founder of HarassTracker, an initiative to fight the normalization of sexual harassment in Lebanon.

Since 2008, Nay has been working at the intersection between advocacy for gender justice; and the production of critical knowledge around relevant themes.


Published on platforms like Assafir, Sawt Al Niswa, Daraj, and The Guardian; she has worked with Oxfam in
Lebanon and Tunisia, Hivos International, Raising Voices (Uganda) and Kafa among others.

Over the past 5 years, Nay worked on several feminist research projects with the Arab Council for Social Sciences (ACSS), exploring themes of gendered

resistance, sexual harassment in Lebanese universities, and gender oral history archiving.

Nay currently serves as the researcher with the Arab Institute for Women, on a project that attempts to understand the forms of antifeminist backlash in Lebanon.

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