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Molly Kingsley

Co-Founder, UsForThem

Molly worked as a corporate lawyer for a decade in two of the largest 'Magic Circle' firms in the city - a bruising 10 years which left her with some great insights on the inner machinations of the patriarchy which she fully intends to write about, one day. Then off to found a tech start-up with a friend. She grew and ran that for 6 years and whilst ultimately unsuccessful it was an incredibly valuable experience that taught her skills that later proved essential for UsForThem.


Molly founded UsForThem in 2020 with two other mums, borne out of a concern that school closures and social distancing were having a disproportionate impact on children. It has been by turns the most humbling, rewarding and utterly gruelling two years of her life, and a prolonged exercise in resilience.

She now campaigns and writes full time and pops up regularly in various places - Mail, The Critic, Telegraph. Currently writing a book with her co-founder which should, hopefully, be published in early summer.

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