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Mary Nazzal-Batayneh

Founder, 17 Ventures/ Landmark/ MVMNT

Award-winning social entrepreneur and impact investor chosen as Forbes Most Powerful Women, Mary is the Chairperson of Landmark Hotels and the Founder of 17 Ventures and MVMNT, a wellness hub and evolving platform.


17 Ventures was inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Mary is passionate about building and supporting sustainable and conscious businesses. She comes from a background of justice activism and is a UK Barrister. 

She is a multiethnic mother of 3 children and continues on her lifelong mission to help make the world a fairer and more inclusive place.

She is a volunteer brand ambassador for several social enterprises that align with her values such as SEP, Jordan’s first B-Corp in the Gaza Refugee Camp, and Lumeyo, a social enterprise empowering Bedouin women in Wadi Rum.

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