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Maria Tibblin

Founder & Director, MARIA TIBBLIN LTD

Maria is the Founder & Director of MARIA TIBBLIN LTD, a Medical & Health promoting Interior Design Firm.

“I have long been a proponent of the integration of medical and health promoting facilities. I view this as essential to the ongoing delivery and maintenance of our healthcare globally with the goal of a sustainable health for everyone”

Maria Tibblin is an advocate about the pivotal link between wellbeing & holistic design, and how environments impact our health. Maria has spent her life and work supporting behaviours which help determine our sustainable health. She advises various sector industry leaders about how well-designed environments promote general wellbeing.

Maria has a long international career in both the Healthcare & Design industry. She has co-authored numerous research studies within preventative health and health economics. She has held several global positions within medical marketing, clinical research phase FIH-IV, HIV & AIDS prevention strategies, public & medical health communications, treatment & strategies trends for Neurological diseases.

Maria was born and raised in Sweden but has lived and worked globally most of her adult life, she resides in London with her two daughters.

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