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Lin Nien-Tzu

Founder, Dharti Mata Sustainable Workshop

Founder of the Dharti Mata Sustainable Workshop and one of the BBC's 100 inspirational and innovative women for 2017.

In the “Dharti Mata Sustainable Workshop”, Lin Nien-Tzu forms Nepalese women to manufacture eco-friendly cloth sanitary pads. Instead of giving out the final products to them, she hopes that women can be empowered by making their own pads. She wants to tell them they can do far more than they thought. It is not inevitable for them to depend on men. Therefore, apart from personal needs, she also asks them to make more for selling their products to all over the world. Part of the income would become the capital in enhancing women’s sanitary health education so to enhance Nepalese women’s awareness of health and status as well.

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