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Joslin Faith Kehdy

Founder & Director, Recycle Lebanon

Joslin Faith Kehdy is a devoted steward of the environment. Living off-grid in the village of Baskinta, she is a hands-on unlearner and actively seeks out nature-based alternatives.


Joslin is the founder of the NGO Recycle Lebanon, that aims to re-psyc'le mindsets towards action by building tools to catalyse systemic change through a circular economy. Under her leadership, Recycle Lebanon opened the EcoSouk marketplace to access locally made refillable and plastic-free household and lifestyle products. Recycle Lebanon also developed Regenerate Hub, a circular economy platform, data visualising the challenges and solutions across sectors and material flows.

Currently, Joslin is focused on growing TerraPods, a bio-design makerspace, art residency, and agroecology farm in Baskinta, set to open in Spring 2023. Joslin's work has been instrumental in empowering individuals and communities to adopt circular practices and shift our collective role in consumption and production, promoting holistic system change.

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