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Ivana I. Osagie

Founder, Professional Women Roundtable (PWR)

Ivana Osagie founded the Professional Women Roundtable (PWR) in 2013 as a mentoring and career development platform for younger professional women. She personally mentors many younger women and also helps others find mentors by matching them with suitable professional women in her network.


She created PWR because she wanted to support the growth and development of younger women. Each month, PWR brings young career women together for a roundtable event with inspiring guest speakers, to dialogue on personal and professional issues, for training, to exchange ideas and experiences, and to network. The roundtable is a small group –a max of 25 – in order to achieve an intimate and ‘safe’ space where people can open up, speak freely and have real conversations. PWR has held 11 meetings each year (Nov and Dec are combined) for the last 7 years. These meetings are highly subsidised by Ivana from her own picket since attendees only pay a small fee which does not cover the full cost. Every day, PWR publishes very helpful career tips on social media to help young women navigate their career paths and tackle the typical challenges they face at work every day. In addition, PWR publishes a monthly newsletter which summarises the output from the monthly roundtable and provides career advice, useful articles, career news/titbits and details of relevant development opportunities.

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