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Hellen Waiswa Lunkuse_photo.jpg

Hellen Waiswa Lunkuse

Founder & Executive Director,

Rape Hurts Foundation (RHF)

Helen is the Executive Director of Rape Hurts Foundation (RHF), a non-profit, non-government organization working with marginalized groups of people, especially rural women and children in Uganda.

RHF was established in 2008 as a community based organization and later registered as an NGO with functional governance structures. After her own horrifying experience of being raped at a very young age, she channeled her experience into creating this organization to protect other women in her community for going through the same ordeal.

RHF was established in the spirit of empowering women to eliminate any practices inhibiting their social and economic development, through vocational training, and to support inclusive education for vulnerable and marginalized children (especially girls), supporting orphans and school drop outs with training and schooling, as well as to ensure justice and protection for women in her community.

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