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Hajara Kabeer Abdulfatah

Founder, Girl in STEM Initiative

Born and raised in Nigeria. Hajara is a Petroleum and Gas Engineer by profession. Her interests lie at the intersection of energy, environmental sustainability and low carbon future. Hajara aspires to become a Future Energy Professional and a functional part of the paradigm-shifting effort to addressing net-zero challenges.


She is a Girl in STEM activist who’s passionate about encouraging, inspiring and coaching young girls in northern Nigeria to pursue and develop interest in STEM careers. She founded the Girl in STEM Initiative and drives an advocacy on #GiveGirlsRoleModels, a movement aimed at normalizing female role models in STEM.

More than anything, Hajara is driven by an insatiable desire to encourage and inspire young girls and women to break through the ceiling of possibility and make a positive and lasting impact in the world of STEM.


Hajara devotes much of her time volunteering for organizations.

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