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Grazia Giuliani


Her internationally published book Versatile Cooking & Living Italian encapsulates the nature of who she is and what she enjoys doing. A writer, researcher, linguist, curator, events organiser and passionate cook, she considers herself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to dedicate herself to all her interests on a professional level.

She is an Italian author ( a passionate cook and foodie born in Milan and living in London. She learnt to cook from her Italian family of foodies who instilled in her the importance of the quality of ingredients prepared with flair. She sees food as nourishment of the body and the spirit. She considers conviviality to be an enriching daily life experience and she finds the aesthetic of a beautiful and well laid-out table an essential part of an enjoyable meal.

Grazia combines food with gastronomic history, art, anecdotes and legends and she enjoys researching, not only through literature but also “on the ground”. A curious traveller, she explores the landscape and nature of the countries she visits, always finding the local edible plant and relative recipe, which, invariably has a story to tell. She offers a service called “Gastronomic Experience” teaching the art of Italian cooking whilst exploring the history and the anecdotes behind every dish cooked with her clients and then enjoyed together as a convivial meal.

She loves researching as she considers it a constant evolution of one’s learning and an enriching experience. With that in mind, she founded English in Freedom offering cultural, artistic, musical, lifestyle and linguistic research in the UK for foreign university students and for professionals.

A new book project on food and gastronomic history is in the making.

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