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Genelle Aldred

Communication Strategist, Consultant, Broadcaster, Author 

Genelle Aldred, founder of GA/C, is a communications champion with over 13 years’ experience in media. She constantly pushes the envelope in developing cutting edge strategies for communications and broadcasting that allow her clients to present their messaging on the right platform, in the right format, at the right time.


Genelle has a deep background in all aspects of communications, with a wealth of experience ranging from journalism to management to strategy and implementation, her well-rounded knowledge base enables Genelle to critically assess any unique issue a client might need from multiple perspectives and develop effective solutions.

Genelle's business, GA Consultancy works closely with corporate teams and senior leaders, as well as personal

brands that are looking to expand the scope of their messaging and enhance their video presentation skills and strategies.

Genelle understands the shift of media towards video, especially in 2020, and has been capitalizing on this change, enabling her clients to develop impactful video content that connects with audiences and elevates her client's brands above their competitors.

Through her consulting, training and coaching, Genelle helps senior leaders and teams to communicate with confidence using their medium of choice. Her blend of creativity, strategy and wisdom keeps her ahead of the curve in delivering communications solutions that are concise, professional, thoughtful and personal.

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