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Elizabeth H. Filippouli

Founder & CEO, Global Thinkers Forum & Athena40

Elizabeth H. Filippouli is a journalist, writer and social entrepreneur. Her early career in print and broadcast journalism in Greece and at CNN and Al Jazeera English, was prelude to over a decade of activism and social entrepreneurship. 


She is Founder of Global Thinkers Forum an independent non profit civil society agency incubated at the University of Oxford, now London-based and working through a global network of thought leaders to promote values-based decision making and supporting women and youth through mentoring programmes. In 2018 Elizabeth launched Athena40, a family of diverse initiatives that advance women in leadership by creating recognition opportunities and connecting them with peers around the world.

She has studied Strategy and Innovation at Oxford’s Said Business School, Transnational Media and Globalisation at London City University (MA) and is completing an MLA at Harvard University.

Her book ‘From Women to the World-Letters for a New Century’ was published by Bloomsbury in July 2021.

Twitter: @ElizaFilippouli

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