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Dr. Wafa Al-Khadra

Dean, Faculty of Languages & Communication,

American University of Madaba

A university associate professor and experienced university administrator, currently serving as the Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Communication at the American University of Madaba. She also has extensive experience in contemporary learning theories, hyphenated-identity literature, strategic planning and quality assurance.

Dr. Al-Khadra is also a frequent speaker, seminar leader and consultant on gender studies and feminist theories at several national, regional and international organizations. She is devoted to the unstinting support to educational reform. 

Dr. Al-Khadra has many research interests and publications within the realm of literature, cultural studies, and women’s studies Furthermore, as part of her activism in women's issues, Dr. Al-Khadra has contributed to the "academization" of feminist thought, and to the institutionalization of women’s studies in Jordan;

she has also coined the term “bare- foot feminism” to appropriate a new paradigm of women’s leadership in the Arab world. In her latest study, she conveys how women and girls are narrated in school textbooks through symbolic annihilation and exclusion.

Dr. Al-Khadra has been involved in the process of reform in education in Jordan and is currently a member in the National Council for Curriculum Development NCCD.

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