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Dr Sarah Qureshi

CEO, Aero Engine Craft Private Limited

Dr. Sarah Qureshi is the CEO and co-founder of Aero Engine Craft Private Limited; Pakistan‘s first commercial engine and aircraft R & D company that is developing environmentally safe contrail-free aircraft engines for the global aviation industry.


Sarah has a PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering from Cranfield University, UK and her area of specialization is Aerospace Propulsion.


Prior to this, Sarah completed her master’s degree in the field of Aerospace Dynamics from Cranfield University, UK, working on the design of a trajectory following autopilot for the mid-air refuelling of drones. She has recently co-invented and patented a supersonic commercial aircraft engine.

In addition, she serves in the capacity of a Visiting Academic at the school of Aerospace at Cranfield University, where she provides technical feedback on research on environmentally safe aircraft engines.


Sarah holds a Private Pilot License and has also learned acrobatic flying while at Cranfield. She is also serving as an expert at the Solar Impulse Foundation where she evaluates green solutions for the world as an active member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions. Sarah also volunteers occasionally to impart aviation lessons to school children.


Sarah is a prominent voice on sustainable aviation in the media. She is considered to be a trailblazer for women in STEM and an inspiration for women leaders in Aerospace around the globe. She was awarded the Distinguished Aerospace Alumni Award by Cranfield University in 2020 for her leadership role and dynamic professional contributions to her field.

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