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Dr Rama Mani

Founder, Theatre of Transformation Academy Convenor

From Sri Lanka to Oxford, New York to Geneva, peacebuilding is not achieved by accepting the status quo. Since the beginning of her career as a senior strategic leader and global security expert, Dr. Rama Mani has always been ‘a catalyst of transformation’.

From her experience working in global governance and post-conflict justice with international organisations such as the UN, to building local coalitions for peace in war-torn Sri Lanka, to now leading the Theatre of Transformation Academy, Rama’s purpose is to ignite the human and creative potential of individuals, organisations and communities to enact personal, local and global transformation by simultaneously combining art, politics and storytelling to teach and convey a new

paradigm of transformative leadership.


Rama is the Founder of Theatre of Transformation Academy (a non-profit association registered in Geneva, Switzerland, to champion and nurture transformative leaders especially in countries in crisis), and the Convener of The Enacting Global Transformation Collaborative Initiative at the University of Oxford’s Centre for International Studies, fostering humane and creative solutions to global crises. 

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