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Dr Neven Bondokji

Senior Researcher & Team Leader on Countering Violent

Extremism, West Asia North Africa Institute

Dr Neven Bondokji is Senior Researcher and Team Leader on Countering Violent Extremism at the West Asia North Africa Institute in Amman, Jordan. Her area of expertise is political Islam and transformations within Islamic movements.

More recently her work has focused on radicalisation, violent extremism, and identity politics. Neven holds a Doctorate in Peace and Conflict Studies and has held different teaching and research positions in Australia and the WANA region. She is the author of Hamas: Social Identity, Violent Resistance and Power Politics, and co-authored publications on radicalisation in Jordan including “Trapped between Destructive Choices: Radicalisation Drivers Affecting Youth in Jordan” and “Journey Mapping of Select Jordanian Fighters.”

With Brookings Doha Center, she published the policy brief “The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan: Time for Reform.”

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