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Dr. Najah Alotaibi

Researcher & Journalist

Dr. Najah Al-Otaibi is a Saudi researcher and journalist. She is a specialist in International relations and diplomacy- with a particular focus on Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region.


Dr. Najah has worked for a number of think tanks in the UK and the US, such as for the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, the Henry Jackson Society, and the Arabia Foundation in Washington, DC.


Dr.Najah publications focus on gender and politics, security and counter terrorism, public diplomacy and soft power. 


She is a frequent commentator on international media such as BBC, CNN and Channel 5,and has written for International press including the Times of London, the I News, and the Independent. She has also appeared as a speaker on panels at as House of Lords, the House of Commons and the Chatham House.

Her qualifications include a Ph.D. in Politics where her thesis examined roles of public Diplomacy and soft power in the Saudi British relations, and a Master’sdegree in International Journalism from City, the University of London. Her Bachelor’s degree is in English from King Saud University in Riyadh.


Sample of Publications:

  • Terror Overseas: Understanding The GCC Counter Extremism and Counter Terrorism Trends; Report for The Henry Jackson Society

  • Taming Riyadh’s Religious Police; Article for The World Today, Chatham House

  • The Saudi Approach to Returning Jihadis; Article for The Tony Blair Foundation For Global Change

  • Crown prince’s approach to women’s rights is eye-catching and long overdue, Article for the Times

  • The Pope visit to the UAE is first Step in Undoing the Damage Caused by His Predecessor; Article for the Independent

  • Showing ‘Black Panther’ in Saudi Arabia is One of the First Steps to Fighting Radical Islam; Article for the Independent

  • We now have the freedom to drive our own lives; Article for the Daily Mail

  • Why Saudi Arabia lost the " war for talents" to Dubai; Article for the Centre of Public Diplomacy, University of California


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