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Dr Menna Abukhadra.jpg

Dr Menna Abukhadra

Lecturer of Hebrew Language & Literature, Cairo University

Menna is an Egyptian Muslim who is a Lecturer of Hebrew Language and literature at Cairo University in Egypt and at Cambridge University. In her own words: "I have always been interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where I was influenced by articles, books, and research papers of various Arab scholars. But despite this variety, all the aforementioned sources were representing only one mainstream perspective of the Israeli society.

Therefore, I decided to learn Hebrew language and literature at Cairo University as I believed that Hebrew literature is one of the best ways to get information about what’s really happening in the Israeli society and also to understand the truth behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a different perspective."

Menna has achieved an extraordinary level of understanding of Hebrew language and literature in her efforts to try to understand the Israeli - Palestinian conflict and has influenced many other Egyptian students to take up the study of Hebrew. She is a role model to many.

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