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Dr Masuma Hasan

Chairperson, Pakistan Institute of International Affairs

Dr. Masuma Hasan is Chairman of The Pakistan Institute of International Affairs, (established 1947), the oldest think tank in Pakistan, President of the Board Governors of Aurat Foundation, Syndicate member and Selection Board member of the University of Karachi.


In her public service career, she was Cabinet Secretary to the Government of Pakistan which is the highest post in the civil service; Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Vienna, IAEA, UNIDO, and all other international agencies in Vienna where she chaired the Group of 77; Ambassador to Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia; Director of the National Institute of Public Administration Karachi; Director General of the Management Services Division.

She was a member of Aga Khan University’s task force on the creation of the Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilizations and also serves on its Thinking Group for a Graduate School of Governance and Public Policy.


Dr. Hasan has a PhD degree in Politics from the University of Cambridge UK, is editor of Pakistan in a Changing World and Editor-in-Chief of the quarterly Pakistan Horizon. She has served on commissions on public sector reforms and the boards of many universities and has written articles on public administration and international politics. She has received several awards and has been named Goodwill Ambassador of the World NGO Day Initiative.

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