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Dr Jane Thomason

CEO, Fintech Worldwide

CEO of London based Fintech Worldwide and recognised in Forbes Magazine (2018) and The Introducer Magazine (2019) as a global  leader in Blockchain for Social Impact, Dr Jane is a firm believer in the potential of Blockchain and
Frontier Technologies for global social impact. She is focussed on emerging economies and how Frontier Technologies can accelerate poverty reduction and improve service delivery. 


She is Digital Transformation Sub-Committee Chair, Kina Bank Papua New Guinea, Founding Member, British Frontier Technology Industry Association, Fellow of the Australian Digital Commerce Association and Section Chief Co-Editor Blockchain for Good: for Frontiers in Blockchain, Editorial Board China Global Health Journal and Adviser to WHO on the Digital Health Strategy.   

She is a regular hackathon judge and mentor and advises multiple start-ups. She believes that the next wave of transformational innovation will be from emerging economies  outlined in her 2019 book .

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