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Dr Fiori Zafeiropoulou

Country Coordinator Fashion Revolution &
Founder, SOFFA-Social Fashion Factory

PhD in SocEnt co-Founder The Nest Incubator &; Executive Producer of TV Show Social Growth; Founder ‘Zita Social’ Ltd UK (est. 2003); Country Coordinator Fashion Revolution Greece; Visiting Lecturer SocEnt AUEB.

Fiori is a third-generation sports shoe manufacturer, as her father owned Zita Hellas which was the leading sports shoes label in Greece and the Balkans until the mid-90s. Fiori has worked in the family business for many years which has offered her a deep knowledge of shoe manufacturing and sales. 

She is the Country Coordinator of the global movement Fashion in Greece.

Fiori designed n’ leads the EU funded Erasmus+ multi-country programmes for the incubation of “Social & Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneurs” and the “Social Growth for Trafficking and Refugees”. Fiori is an academic and a social entrepreneur; holds an award-winning PhD on Social Franchising & Entrepreneurship from Brunel Business School (BBS), UK. Candidate Post-Doctorate  Researcher at Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB) where she is also Lecturing Social Entrepreneurship; Holds an MBA BBS; BSc in Ec. AUEB. 

Actively involved in business incubators and the start-up entrepreneurship ecosystem in Greece. Founder & President of The Social Growth Incubator. Her research is being published in conferences, journals and books around the globe. She was invited at the Skoll World Forum 2016 on Social Entrepreneurship in Said Oxford University; SOFFA was shortlisted for the Skoll Venture Award '16, Won sponsorship at Web Summit 2016. She was the Start Up Europe Week 2016 ambassador in Athens. She is a trained facilitator in design thinking methodologies. Designed The Diploma of Social Entrepreneurship at City Unity College. Founded her first company Zita Social in London in 2003 while doing her MBA.


Watch her Tedx Talk ‘Are you still dreaming how to be a doer’   

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