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Dr Anastasia Psomiadi

Founder & President, APSON CSR

Dr Anastasia Psomiadi is the founder and president of APSON CSR the first and pioneer company in Greece which specializes in Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility redefining it since 2007.

She is also professor and head of the educational MBA program in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in a private university.

She is scientific supervisor in Entrepreneurship for youth and startuppers at IASIS NGO.

She is the Advisor in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability of the Central Union of Municipalities in Greece, and she is the head

of many projects for Greek local government. She is also the founder and the head of the first Center in Greece for supporting Women in Business “womanitee”.

She also participates as an instructor/facilitator in CSR Conferences, Seminars and Workshops thus promoting the new human and business dimension given to CSR, business ethics, female leadership issues. 

She has been a communication consultant and project manager representing and repositioning companies as well as organizations. As an organizer of cultural and scientific conferences, she participated in several - U.S.A., Canada, S. Africa, Egypt, Germany, Belgium, and Australia.

In addition, having as an objective to further stress out the role of CSR and in the context of CSR strategy design she conducts qualitative research based on the Social Psychology mechanism “Social Representations” to achieve the goals of stakeholders analysis (stakeholders mapping & profiling and stakeholders engagement).


In an effort to inspiring responsible entrepreneurship, she has developed a business unit named “APSON start-up lab” which provides full support and mentoring to young entrepreneurs and organizes incubators having as a motto “Start Up YourSuccess through APSON CSR”.

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