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Diane Wei Liang


Diane Wei Liang is a best-selling author, China expert and former award-winning professor of business in the USA and the UK. She has toured around the world speaking about the development of modern China. She was the subject of a BBC documentary, Peschardt’s People, and a Kalturzeit documentary by TV 3Sat, Germany. Diane was born in Beijing and spent part of her childhood with her parents in a labor camp in a remote region of China. She was educated in China and the USA. Having lived through China’s rapid economic development, Diane’s expertise lies in not only explaining China’s success and growth, but decoding it through understanding of Chinese history, culture and psychology. Diane’s expertise spans advising on how to work with Chinese businesses, Chinese consumers, technology and innovation in China, how China reinvented itself in just 40 years, and where China will be in the next 40 years

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