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Dana Mortenson

Co-founder & CEO, World Savvy

Dana Mortenson is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of World Savvy, where she leads the organization’s efforts to reimagine how students learn. World Savvy works with schools and communities to ensure all youth are ready for our complex global future – offering standards-aligned content to infuse global understanding into existing learning.


By teaching adaptability, creating comfort with complexity, and instilling inclusivity and equity as foundational values in schools, World Savvy is developing a new generation of empathetic and engaged global citizens, prepared to thrive in a more diverse and interconnected world. Since 2002, Dana has led the organization through significant national expansion, reaching nearly 730,000 middle and high school youth and over 6,000 educators across 29 states and 12 countries, from offices based in Minneapolis, San Francisco, and New York.

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