Nominations Categories

In February 2020 ATHENA40 announced 120 most forward thinking women from all over the world as they were nominated and selected through a merit-based process. These are women who have demonstrated passion, purpose and excellence in the below categories. The Athena40 Global List receives nominations from the public and voting is conducted by a panel of independent, international judges.
Nominations for Athena40 2022 List, will open in 2021.

Athena40 is an initiative launched by the Global Thinkers Forum, a London-based organization focusing on three areas: accountability in leadership, women's empowerment and youth development.

Athena40 is part of our ongoing efforts and commitment to identify and recognise innovative female thinking and promote new role models.

Here you can see the 120 women who have made it to the 2020 shortlist. The 40 most influential ones will be announced in 2021.

  • 'A' for Original Thinking

    Do you know of women from Media, Literature, Film & the Arts whose originality of thinking challenges our perspectives or has triggered political or social change?

  • 'A' for Innovative Leadership

    Do you know of women leaders whose leadership style is innovative and forward thinking?

  • 'A' for Empowering Young Girls

    Do you know of women who empower girls up to the age of 16 through mentoring, education or other initiatives?

  • 'A' for Gender Diversity & Equality

    Do you know of women who support Gender Diversity & Equality and SDG 5 through their projects and advocacy?

  • 'A' for Collaborative Leadership

    Do you know of women whose work or mediation skills are achieving peace and collaboration?

  • 'A' for Positive Impact

    Do you know of women who are making this world a better place?

  • 'A' for Ethics in Business

    Do you know of women business leaders whose ethical business practices position them as role models for ethics?

  • 'A' for Women-led Solutions

    Do you know of women scientists, academics, doctors and social entrepreneurs whose work is pioneering in improving people’s lives?

  • 'A' for Technology

    Do you know of women who work on Technology for social impact applications?

  • 'A' for Women-led Philanthropy

    Do you know of women philanthropists who are role models in giving and strategic philanthropy?

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