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Cindy Nava

Policy Advocate - Speaker - Leadership Trainer

Arriving to the U.S. at the age of seven from Chihuahua, Mexico, Cindy was raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is proud to call herself a “Mexican-New Mexican.” Growing up undocumented, Cindy managed to surpass many political barriers and went on to take key positions within education and immigration policy as well as politics at a state and national level that had not previously been held by an undocumented individual. Cindy became the first in her family to graduate from HS and obtain a college degree.

Cindy’s work marked historical precedent after becoming the first undocumented person to intern for a national political party in Washington, DC, and to become the first DACA recipient to work as a Majority Pool Analyst for the New Mexico House of Representatives. Cindy later went on to be rated as one of the "40 under 40s: Latinos in US Politics“ by the Huffington Post. Known as an influencer and as a powerful positive interrupter speaker in the US and abroad, Cindy utilizes the power of her lived experiences, struggles, and strengths to empower communities of color, youth, and leaders across the country through her work in the areas of policy, education, politics, leadership development, and advocacy. She is a strong policy advocate and believes in strengthening voices through civic engagement, education and holistic methods rooted in innovative and transformational leadership practices that guide the creation of conscious policy initiatives that support marginalized communities across the country. As a former DACA recipient, Cindy has focused on opening access for immigrants interested in policy and politics to begin a pathway of leadership development and training that creates opportunities for them to serve within those sectors.

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