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The doll

To celebrate this anniversary and International Women’s Day of 8 March, Barbie has created a line of dolls that honour role models from around the world. The collection features numerous notable women from 18 countries including Yara Shahidi and Naomi Osaka. Barbie has also launched the Dream Gap project, in where they will be donating money to organisations that are aimed towards “levelling the playing field for girls.”

For 60 years, Barbie has championed girls, inspired generations to believe through make believe, and showed them that they have choices. With more than 200 careers, six runs for president, and a trip to the moon before Neil Armstrong, Barbie continues to evolve to be a modern, relevant role model for all ages…The Barbie brand believes girls should never know a world, job, or dream women haven’t conquered. Through our global platform, we are igniting a movement to help close the Dream Gap and further establish Barbie as the ultimate girl empowerment brand.”

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