Aya Aghabi

Founder, Accessible Jordan

Aya Aghabi, a 28-year-old Jordanian woman known for her activism for women’s rights and people with disabilities, passed away on Monday. After a car accident in summer of 2009, Aghabi suffered a spinal cord injury and, as a result, a physical disability. Since then, she had to use a wheelchair.

After returning from studying in the US, Aghabi wanted to see the same support for people with disabilities in the Kingdom. “I realised that, whether they have a mobility impairment, a baby to push around in a stroller, or simply moving difficulties, people tend to cancel their plans because they know they won’t be able to access their destination because of stairs or the lack of ramps and elevators,” Aghabi said in an interview with The Jordan Times in 2017. In September 2017, she founded the “Accessible Jordan” initiative and website, which includes a guide to all places accessible around Amman and other tourist destinations in Jordan that have ramps or elevators for easy access. It is not just beneficial for people with disabilities, but also those with mobility constraints including the elderly and caretakers, or parents with strollers.

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