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Aya Aghabi

Founder, Accessible Jordan

Aya Aghabi was the founder of the "Accessible Jordan" initiative, she was an ambitious young lady who was very passionate about Human Rights and Social Development. In 2009 Aya had a car accident that left her with a physical disability and the need to use the wheelchair, but that did not extinguish her adventurous spirit.


The idea for Accessible Jordan was born when Aya first began to share her own experiences of navigating public spaces across the country to help other people with accessibility issues. Aya believed that through accessibility, she could transform society, and that human mobility was a right for all and would lead to a more equitable and inclusive society.


Aya passed away in 2019 but she managed to leave behind a blueprint of her vision in the changing physical infrastructure of the country, and in a nation’s awareness that with societal inclusion comes a more representative, happy, thriving nation.

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