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Attiya Mahmood

Former Diplomat & Ambassador of Pakistan

Attiya Mahmood has served as a Pakistani diplomat for over 35 years. Her credentials include Ambassadorial posts to the Kingdom of Morocco, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Republic of Indonesia.

Most significantly, during her tenure in Jordan from 2010-13, she witnessed the transformative events unfolding in the region. Within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she has been involved with drawing and implementing an Africa Programme; providing diplomatic, economic, agricultural and educational training to African countries as part of Pakistan Government’s outreach policy for the Continent.


She also headed and established the first Human Rights desk at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Her experience further includes participation in HR Council meetings in Geneva and UNGA sessions in New York. Also as Head of the Americas Division in the Ministry, she overlooked bilateral relations with the US, Canada and the whole of Latin America. She travelled to the region and held bilateral meetings with her counterparts in Brazil, Canada and Mexico. Notably, she represented the Ministry in the Pakistan-US Strategic Dialogue meetings held in Washington and Islamabad during 2008-10, a challenging period in Pakistan-US bilateral relations. Besides her diplomatic experience, she also pioneered and organized unique shows and exhibitions to showcase Pakistani culture.

She conceived and managed “Rhythms of the Indus” show, performed in the Royal Albert Hall, London in 2002. She also arranged and managed various highly successful music shows and trade exhibitions, including qawali performances; Truck Art shows and paintings exhibitions etc., in Toronto, Ankara, Manila, London, Rabat, Amman and Jakarta.

Following her retirement, she has joined Ahmed E.H.Jaffer Foundation, a Not-For-Profit organization in Karachi as its Chief Operating Officer.

Besides, she is also the Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan First Initiative (PFI), a civil society forum established in Karachi by former President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf. She also serves on the Executive Board of All Pakistan Music Conference (APMC) Karachi, which works for the promotion and preservation of classical music.

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