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Anna van Praagh

Chief Content Officer, Evening Standard

Dynamic and experienced content creator and editor adept at producing high quality content across multiple channels

As Chief Content Officer at the Evening Standard she is responsible for generating and editing content for print and online as well as working with the editor to devise and oversee our print, digital and social strategy.

Anna joined ES Magazine in 2015 and worked on its highly successful relaunch. Since then she has not only been responsible for generating and editing cross-platform content but also helping to oversee their transition from print product to multi-media 360 degree publishing brand.

She is involved with everything from the big ideas that engage audiences and drive revenue, to the tiny details of every word and shoot, on all platforms: print, online, social channels and major live events.


Anna also works closely with the commercial team to ensure that paid-for and sponsored content is executed correctly and is on-brand.

Prior to working at ES she was an assistant editor on Femail at the Daily Mail, responsible not only for the content for the weekly magazine but also for producing hard-hitting investigations and agenda-setting pieces by the biggest names in the industry, generating polemics, managing columns and making sure their content led the charge at the top of the website and always exceeded its traffic figures.


Anna has also worked as a writer and editor at the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, Stella and the Mail on Sunday. She has written for the FT Magazine, FT Weekend, The Times Magazine, The Evening Standard, the Guardian and the Telegraph.

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