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Amin Nehme

President, Lebanese Development Network (LDN)

Amin Nehme has successfully combined his business knowledge and his interest in the social service field and made of it a valuable mixture.

Owner of ServiLine Ltd., a marketing management agency established in 1997, recognized for offering business development programs to Small and Middle Enterprises (SMEs). He is founder and president of the Lebanese Development Network (LDN), which provides capacity building and social marketing strategies to the non-profit sector.

Amin Nehme acquired a BA in Political Science from the American University of Beirut (AUB), a BS in Marketing from the Lebanese-American University (LAU) and followed his MBA in International Affairs and Diplomacy at the Notre Dame University (NDU). 

He completed as well a professional leadership development program, "The Strategic Leadership Simulation – Mobilizing People and Organizations", which adopts the leadership paradigms developed by Harvard and Princeton Universities; a program offered by Cambridge Institute for Global Leadership.

Recognized as a "Social Entrepreneur" with effective proficiency in communication, marketing and fundraising, he succeeded to secure significant funds for relief, education and development projects. With his extensive background in training, coaching and consulting, he provided his services to several prominent local, regional and international organizations and served as an expert and as a national director for a series of projects funded by both the EU and the US.

In 2015, Amin Nehme has been elected as the President of the Lebanon Dialogue Initiative (LDI).

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