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Abisola Barber

Trading Business Manager (COO), Barclays Investment Bank

“A contagious enthusiasm towards everything she puts her mind to…”. Sought after motivational speaker, and multi-award winning young professional: Abisola is a passionate and outgoing individual with a strong and dedicated work ethic, and a curiosity to challenge and change. Whilst well versed in Financial Services Governance, Business Management and Controls at the executive level, Abisola holds experience in and exposure to an array of industries and professions: including Professional & Commercial Services, Entertainment, and Public/Third Sector.


Her unique interpersonal skills enable her to perform as a versatile, carefully organized and accomplished individual worker, supportive team player, and dedicated leader. Working best under pressure to accurately and successfully meet deadlines, Abisola is professionally motivated to lead and work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve goals and expectations. Aside from her challenging role in Barclays’ Investment Bank, Abisola also co-chairs the ‘Recruit and Retain’ committee of Barclays’ Gender Network, WIN, which exists to engage all genders across the organization to attract, develop and retain women at all levels. Abisola focuses specifically on early recruitment of highly capable and talented women into the Bank, engaging them through University outreach events, social media insights, and external co-partner events. Her particular passion is ensuring the next generation are empowered and encouraged to be the best version of themselves, with the appropriate support and guidance they require early in their careers with minimal hurdles or obstructions to participation.

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