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Professor Abeer Al-Bawab

General Director, Scientific Research Support Fund

(SRF) Jordan

Professor Abeer Al-Bawab is the General Director of the Scientific Research Support Fund (SRF) of Jordan. She is passionate about great scientific leadership that drives research, innovation, positive transformation, and measurable results.

She has more than 20 years of experience in academia spanning a broad array of research and development. Professor Abeer Al-Bawab has held Dean level position for the Deanship of Academic Research and Director level position for Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research at the university of Jordan ( UJ). Along the way, she has developed and implemented lead development and management processes for various research teams of all sizes where she consistently transformed research organizations to achieve significant and measurable scientific contribution.

Professor Abeer Al-Bawab has worked closely with many leading international researchers to develop scientific research in physical chemistry. She also possesses a unique combination of academic and real-world expertise in research funding, including expertise in cross-cultural research collaboration and funding.


She is the author of over 70 technical publications on topics related to physical chemistry. She also speaks frequently at international events.

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