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Yiorgos Kaminis

Mayor, Athens

Yiorgos Kaminis was born on July 15, 1954 in New York, where he resided until the age of five. His family then returned to Athens. He commenced his academic career in November 1982 as a Scientific Associate of the University of Athens School of Law, specifically Constitutional Law Chair B. In December 1990 he was elected lecturer of the University of Athens Law Faculty and in June 1998 assistant professor.

Mr Kaminis served as Assistant Greek Ombudsman, responsible for Human Rights, from 1998 to May 2003, upon which he was unanimously elected Greek Ombudsman at a Presidents of Parliament roundtable meeting. In August 2010 he announced his resignation and intention to stand as mayoral candidate for the City of Athens. He is a member of the Association of Greek Constitutionalists, the Hellenic Political Science Association as well as the editorial committee fo rthe magazine Synchrona Themata (Current Affairs).

During his term as Ombudsman Mr Kaminis was a member of the Association of Mediterranean Ombudsmen governing committee and deputy chairman of the International Ombudsman Institute?s European Region board of directors. Since September 1989 he has been a Scientific Associate of the Hellenic Parliament?s Scientific Service, specifically the Department for Parliamentary Research & Studies which forms part of the 1st Directorate of Scientific Studies. Mr Kaminis was elected Mayor of Athens with the municipal ticket «Right to Athens» on November 14, 2010 and assumed his Mayoral duties on January 1, 2011. Apart from Athens, he has also lived in Osaka, Paris, Madrid and Heidelberg. Mr Kaminis speaks English, French, Spanish and German.

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