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Tasneem Ahmar

Executive Director, Uks Research Centre

A Gender and Media Trainer and adviser.
Masters in Communication (1989 University of Hawaii, USA and Mass Communication (1978) University of Karachi, Pakistan.


Currently heading Uks Research Centre- a media advocacy and monitoring organization. Introduced Pakistan to the Global Media Monitoring Project and continue to be its national coordinator. Started her career as a desk journalist at The Muslim, and then at Dawn Group of newspapers. Served as Research Associate-Women’s Study Centre, Quaid-e-Azam University, Pakistan and Assistant Professor, Mass Communication department, Karachi university, Pakistan.

Tasneem has been a free-lance journalist since 1986 and her cover story on violence against women titled “Trial by Fire” published in an English language monthly The Herald (September 1995) was presented at the 1995 Beijing Conference. She has authored many research papers, participated in many international and regional seminars and workshops and conferences on issues around women, development and media. She has edited many media studies and media guides on issues ranging from violence against women, HIV and AIDS to gender sensitivity in the media.


In 1998, Tasneem received Mary Morgan Hewett Award on Excellence in Feature Writing. In 2009, June she received the International Media Leadership Award from Internews-USA.

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